Chinese Express 2 - Joy Chinese Intermediate Course - with 1 CD

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4 class hours / lesson, altogether 15 lessons

This is an intermediate Chinese course following the publication of Chinese Express: Joy Chinese in 3 Months. Besides carrying on the book's original style, development is made in the following aspects: topics on a person’s basic daily needs are extended to life and culture; vocabulary and grammatical points are enlarged; degree of difficulty is increased and types of questions become more diversified. There are 15 lessons altogether, which cover almost all the things that learners are concerned about, for instance, "Traveling in China", "Cultural Gap", "Surfing the Internet", "Seeing a Movie", "Housing in China", "Buying a Car in China", "Environmental Problems in China". Every lesson consists of a text, new words, grammatical points and exercises. The teaching materials in this book are eye-catching for short-term learners and meet their needs because of the catchy topics, up-to-date contents and practical exercises. After learning this book, students will be able to quickly learn the skills on spoken Chinese and lay some foundation for advanced study of Chinese.
English explanations and notes are used in this book and 1 CD is attached. In this CD, texts, new words and some listening exercises are included. 

Table of Contents
Lesson 1
What Are you
Lesson 2
Traveling in China
Lesson 3
Culture Gap
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Surfing the Intemet in China
Lesson 6
Watching a Movie
Lesson 7
Chinese Families
Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Housing in China
Lesson 10
Buying a Car in China
Lesson 11
Environmental Problems in China
Lesson 12
Lesson 13
Our Leisure Life
Lesson 14
Chinese Poems
Lesson 15
Key to Some Exercises
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Chinese Express 2 - Joy Chinese Intermediate Course - with 1 CD