Mandarin Hip Hop 1 Textbook with 1 CD

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Mandarin Hip Hop is a graded Chinese textbook series for English speakers. It consists of four levels with a total of 80 pieces of Action Songs, Bilingual Chants and Rhymes. It is an ideal learning companion for children of all ages.


This series is divided into 4 levels, each of which includes Textbook, Activity Workbook (exercise book A) and Chinese Character Builders (exercise book B).


The tunes are especially composed for language learning and appraised by musicians as pleasant and harmonious within appropriate musical range. The verses going together with the music are suitable for reading and appeal to children of all ages.

Each lesson consists of four sections: Rhyme, Pinyin and English, Fun Time and Words. Chinese, English and Pinyin are all presented for easy reference.

The static cartoons go together with the dynamic hip hop, adding great fun in learning.

Abundant fun memorization techniques greatly facilitate the learning of Chinese characters.

Over 300 characters and 700 phrases are printed in different colors according to their frequency of use. The new words are gradually increased with a high rate of reappearance along with progressively graded exercises.

Cultural knowledge is integrated in language teaching.

Table of Contents
Lesson 1 Repeat with me 跟我说
Lesson 2 Listen together 大家一起听
Lesson 3 Speak and write 说说写写
Lesson 4 My body 我的身体
LeSSon 5 Where are the eyes? 眼睛在哪里
Lesson 6 The head is high 头顶高
Lesson 7 The trains are coming 火车来了
Lesson 8 Go upstairs 上楼梯
Lesson 9 Our school 我们的学校
Lesson 10 Fruit offering 请吃水果
Lesson 11 To catch the tigers 打老虎
Lesson 12 Six six thirty-six 六六三十六
Lesson 13 A big plane 大飞机
Lesson 14 Sign language 喊口令
Lesson 15 My good friend 我的好朋友
Lesson 16 Ten good children 十个好孩子
Lesson 17 You are right 你对了
Lesson 18 Exit and entrance 出口和入口
Lesson 19 COCONUT 椰子
Lesson 20 Uncles and aunts 叔叔阿姨
Vocabulary 生词表
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Mandarin Hip Hop 1 Textbook with 1 CD