Painter's Tourist Map of Beijing: Guide to The Great Wall

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Language: Chinese, English
Format: 20.2 x 19.8 x 1.2 cm
Page: 2
Publication Date: 01/2011
ISBN: 9787503151606
Publisher: Sinomap Press
Juyong Guan Pass, one of the famous passes on the Great Wall, has always been a barrier of Beijing to the northwest. A mural found in the Eastern Han tombs in Inner Mongolia and Lingle in 1971 vividly depicts the bustling scene of it at that time. Inside the pass there is a white marble platform built in 1345 called Yun Tai, on which towers and temples were successively built up, but now only the pedestal remains. The murals and carvings on the walls and inside of the caves are extremely exquisite, including the various gods and symbolic animal, dragons and clouds in Lamaism. The most striking ones reliefs of the Four Heavenly Kings and the Dharani sutra engraved in Chinese, Zang, Hui, Mongol, Sanskrit and Tangut language. As early as 800 years ago in the Jin Dynasty, it had been listed as one of the eight famous sceneries, being called "the great pinnacle".
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Painter's Tourist Map of Beijing: Guide to The Great Wall