Painter's Tourist Map of Beijing: Guide to The Beihai

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Beihai, one of the oldest and largest classical imperial gardens in China, is located in the centre of Beijing and it has been nearly a thousand years old. It was built in 938, and afterwards it was rebuilt by Emperor Shizong of Jin into a large-scale royal detached palace called Taining Palace from 1166 to 1179. In 1267 the emperor Kublai Khan built Dadu the capital with Beihai as the center, the Qionghua Island and the lake around it was covered in the imperial city and they were respectively called the Longevity Hill and Taiye Lake. Beihai became the cornerstone of the city of Beijing afterwards. During the Dynasty of Ming and Qing, Beihai was the royal garden inside the palace called Western Garden. From 1742 to 1779, the Qing emperor Hong Li rebuilt and extended Beihai to a large scale which laid the pattern and scale for the Beihai Park now.

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Painter's Tourist Map of Beijing: Guide to The Beihai