A masterpiece of Chinese genre painting: Suzhou's golden age

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There is a unique genre in traditional Chinese painting, in which artists would use painstaking detail to pinpoint everyday life in a certain place at a certain point of history. It provides a compelling insight into the forgotten lives of China's past. A Masterpiece of Chinese Genre Painting—Suzhou's Golden Age depicts such a masterpiece of Chinese genre painting. Both the size of the image and the color reproduction of the book are close to the original work. Reading the book is like appreciating the original work, which reveals the wealth and glory of Suzhou in the flourishing age of Qianlong. The book elaborately expounds the original work in a succinct way. With parallel folding and traditional Chinese binding with bookcase, the book's antique beauty will bring you a different aesthetic enjoyment.

About the author
Chen Jingsha studied History of China’s Painting Concept in the Art History Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Ms. Chen finished her graduate thesis under the guidance of Yin Jinan, dean of the School of Humanities, and graduated as an MA with honors. Committed to research of Chinese painting, Chen has obtained a solid research foundation and excellent research capabilities.
Table of Contents
Chapter I
The Long History of Chinese Genre Painting
A Trusted Painter of His Majesty
Emperor Qianlong's Southern Tours and the Painting of Prosperity

Chapter II
A City of Charm Mountains and Lakes
Bridges on the Water
A Symphony of Boats
Commerce and Industry: A Key to Suzhou's Success
Food,Wine and Tea Silk,Cotton,Clothes and Shoes
Buying and Selling
A Center of Trade and Commerce

Chapter IV
City Life
Studying to Become a Mandarin
Artistic Life
Traditional Marriage Rituals
Religious life

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A masterpiece of Chinese genre painting: Suzhou's golden age