The Classical Gardens of Suzhou

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This is a series of books about the contents and grace of the World Heritage sites in China. It is also a splendid chapter that records the remarkable achievements made by China in cooperation with the rest of the world in advocating world peace,seeking long-term benefit for mankind and protecting the common homeland of human beings around the world.
Table of Contents
An Overview of the Classical Gardens of Suzhou
Garden Appreciation
Scenery and Harmony of Arrangement
Rockery and Water
Harmony in Towers,Halls,Pavilions and Corridors
Ornamental Plants and Flowers
Aesthetic Principles
Elegance,Grace and Ease
Artistic Inspiration and Furnishings
Implications of the Artificial Landscape
The Gardens in Perspective
The Cultural Value of Garden Parks
Garden Parks as a Bridge to the World
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The Classical Gardens of Suzhou