Classical Private Gardens in the Yangtze River Delta

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  • Author: Ruan Yisan;
  • Language: English
  • Page: 223
  • Publication Date: 05/2010
  • ISBN: 7544712141, 9787544712149
  • Publisher: Yilin Press
Table of Contents
01 Gardens in Suzhou and TheirCu1tura1 Connotations
02 Each Garden Has Its Special Features
03 The Creation of Scenes at the Humb1e Administrator's Garden
04 The Layout of the Lingering Garden
05 The Layout of the Master of Fishing Nets Garden and the Story of the Astor Court
06 Trees and F1owers in Gardens
07 Rocks in Gardens
08 Small Private Gardens
09 The Layout of the Entrance to a Garden
10 Working with Rocks and Waters
11 Garden Bui1ding and Natural Scenery
12 Loca1 Features of Gardens
13 TheProper Way to Restorean Ancient Garden
14 Tradition and Innovationin Garden Bui1ding

01 Zhuo Zheng Garden(Humb1e Administrator's Garden)
02 Wang Shi Garden(Master of Fishing Nets Garden)
03 Cang Lang Garden(B1ue Waves Garden)
04 Yi Court(Art Court)
05 Shi Zi Lin Garden(Lions Grove)
06 Liu Garden(Lingering Garden)
07 Ou Garden(Coup1e Garden)
08 Mountain Vi11a of Greenery
09 Tui Si Garden(Retreat and Repentance Garden)
10 Yi Garden (yous Garden)
11 Qu Garden(Curving Garden)
12 Ting Feng Garden(Listening-to-Map1es Garden)
13 Ji Chang Garden(Merry-Lodging Garden)
14 Yan Garden(Swa11ows Garden)
15 Xian Garden(Admiration Garden)
16 Ge Garden(Individua1ity Garden)
17 He Garden
18 Qiao Garden
19 Zhan Garden(Admirab1e-Looking Garden)
20 Yu Garden(Cheering Garden)
21 Small Lotus Manor
22 West Garden in Xitang Town
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Classical Private Gardens in the Yangtze River Delta