Chinese Gardens - Culture China Series (Ebook)

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Walking into a Chinese garden,one cannot help but be enchanted by its uniqueoriental flavor;and walking in an atmosphere of tranquility and peace,one will discover something unlikely to be found in Western architecture-delicate and refined ,complex and contained in its quietude.In contrast with natural scenery,the beauty of Chinese gardens lie in their combining culture and art into one.How did the classic Chinese garden take shape and develop?How many prototypes are there in Chinese gardens,what similarities do they share and how do they differ form each other?What experences have been accumulaged throuth the years of garden buelding,and what theories have been formed? Let's walk into the Chinese Gardens and take a closer look.
This book is published simultaneously in seven languages including Chinese,English,Japanese,Russian,French,German and Spanish.
Table of Contents
The Formation and Development of the Chinese Garden
Hunting and Communion with the Spirits
The Symbol of a Unfied State
Fully Enjoying the Beaury of Nature
Gardents of Pleasure in Prosperous Times
A wolrd in a teapot
A Vision to Move the Heaven and Condense the Earth
Private Gardens of Ming and Qing Dynsaties
Private Gardens in the South
Private Gardens of the North
Construction Technology of Private Gardens
Imperial Gardens of the Ming and Qing Dynsties
General Introduction
The Qppreciation of Some Well-Known Gardens
The Comparison between imperrial Gardens and Private Garedns
Garden Buliding Masters and Theories on Creating a Garedn
How to Appreciate the Beauty of Gardens'Artistic Conception(Realm)
The Creation fo Gardens'Artistic Conception(Realm)
View-watching Angles
The Tragedy and Revival of the Famed Gardens
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Chinese Gardens - Culture China Series (Ebook)