Cultural China Series: Chinese Gardens in Search of Landscape Paradise

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Author: Lou Qingxi;
Language: English
Format: 22.6 x 15.2 x 1.2 cm
Page: 167
Publication Date: 05/2016
ISBN: 9787508533797
Table of Contents
Landscape Gardens
Hunting and Communion with the Spirits
The Symbol of a Unified State
Fully Enjoying the Beauty of Nature
Gardens of Pleasure in Prosperous Times
A World in a wine pot
A Vision to Move the Heaven and Condense the Earth
Private Gardens of Ming and Qing Dynasties
Private Gardens of the South
Celebrated Gardens of the North
Construction Techniques of Private Gardens
Magnificent Imperial Gardens
General Introduction of Imperial Gardens of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
The Garden Zone in the Northwest Outskirts of Bei jing
The Appreciation of Some Well—known Gardens
The Comparison between Imperial Gardens and Private Gardens
Garden Building Masters and Theories on Creating a Garden
How to Appreciate the Beauty of Gardens' Artistic Conception(Realm)
The Creation of Gardens' Artistic Conception (Realm)
Symbolism and Allegories
Seek Poetic Mood and Artistic Realm
Gathering Scenic Wonders and Historical Sites from allover the Country
Building Temples, Streets and Taverns
View—watching Angles
The Tragedy and Revival of the Famed Gardens
Appendix: Chronological Table of the Chinese Dynasties
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Cultural China Series: Chinese Gardens in Search of Landscape Paradise