Geomantic Culture (Feng Shui) of the Forbidden City

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Language: Chinese
Format: 54 Cards
Publication Date: 01/2005
Geomantic culture, Fengshui,is part of Chinese traditional culture. It reflects ancestors' cognition to their living environment. Imperal Fengshui is definitely a fully representation of Chinese thousand years geomantic culture. As it is said: All the propitious Fengshui are in the Forbidden City.

According to the Fengshui layour of Forbidden City, we composed this delicate Fengshui Poker Series by selecting 54 pieces of photos from professional photographers. Every piece of Poker contains relative Fengshui information and vividly reveals the mysterious geomantic culture of Forbidden City.
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Geomantic Culture (Feng Shui) of the Forbidden City