The Wisdom of China: Liezi - Rider on the Wind

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With a reference to the ancient studies of the relationship between man, nature, and society hidden in the selected 78 stories from Liezi, the author of this book intends to tell his readers that, rather than merely a collection of parables or materials for schoolchildren's textbooks,Liezi may serve as a valuable reference for art, history, and social sciences. It contains the ideas, approaches, and allusions revealing management strategies based on the human origin and highlights the unities between freedom and regulations, national stability and family harmony, health preservation and moral cultivation, indulgence and abstinence, selflessness and selfishness, natural ecology and human activities, and the mandate of heaven and man's subjectivity.
Table of Contents
Ⅰ.Heaven’s Revelations
1.1 The Origin of Heaven.Earth and Man:a Formula of Change
1.2 There Is Neither Life nor Death:Living Creatures Are Passers-bv
1.3 Liezi on Evolution:Everything Changes by Nature
1.4 Where Has Man Gone?
1.5 I Experience Four Major Stages of Life.But Where Is“Me”?
1.6 Triple Pleasures of Life:Remaining Contented with Life,Dying a Natural Death and Self-Consoling
1.7 What Ears Was He Looking For?
1.8 Who Is to Be Laughed At.the Ancient or Our Contemporaries?
Ⅱ.The Yellow Emperor
2.1 The Earliest Chinese Dream:the Yellow Emperor's Republic
2.2 Flexible Methods of Management Devoid of Partiality or Favor
2.3 Unintentional Shooting:the Willpower
2.4 The Tao of Shangqiu Kai:Faith and Trust
2.5 Holding a Tiger or Yielding To It:a Parable
2.6 Do as Waters Do
2.7 Whole-hearted Devotion Is the Most Important
2.8 Hovering Without Landing
2.9 A VIP’s Awareness
2.10 Self-flattery Is Shameless Self-display
2.11 What Is Wrong with the Monkey-lover?
2.12 PerfeCt Virtue:Being Transfixed 1ike a Wooden Rooster
Ⅲ.King Mu of Zhou
3.1 The Royal Vision:a Switch Between Visualization and Imagination
3.2 Dream and Waking Are Both Human Life
3.3 The Bipartite Century of Life
3.4 To Be Forgetful Brings Inner Peace
3.5 Do Not Overplay the Card of Sentiment
4.1 What Makes a Sage?
4.2 Confucius’View of Talent
4.3 What Is Wrong with Long Shu?
4.4 Things Will Develop in the Opposite Direction When Being Pushed to Their Extremes
4.5 National Power:Put It to a Proper Use
4.6 Mere Growth of GDP Is Not True Development as a White Horse Is Not Horse
Ⅴ.The Debins of King Tang
5.1 King Tang’s First Question:Was There Existence in the Remote Antiquity?
5.2 Man’S Role in the Macroscopic World
5.3 The World of Diversity That Materialism Approves
5.4 Different Are Their Appearance and Quality, But Their Adaptability Is the Same
5.5 The Foolish Old Man Is Not Foolish
5.6 Why Did Kuafu Chase After the Sun?
5.7 The Nature of Things
5.8 The Power of Balance
5.9 Mind and Body Are Inseparable
5.10 Where Does That Beautiful Voice Come From?
5.11 The Robot Without a Patent
5.12 Seeing What Is Coming From Insignificant Clue
5.13 The Soft Power of Social Administration
Ⅵ.Power versus Destiny
6.1 Destiny Is Beyond Defiance
6.2 The Friendship Between Guan Yiwu and Bao Shuya
6.3 To Be or Not to Be:a Matter of Course
6.4 Disease Is Not Determined by Man
6.5 LetGoIfYouCan
6.6 Doing Things But Not Knowing Why
6.7 Everyone Is Indispensable
6.8 Show No Fear Before Death and Forget Worry in Poverty
6.9 It Is a Good Reign That Never Ends
Ⅶ.Yang Zhu
7.1 What Is Life For?
7.2 It Will Not Do Without Money or Health
7.3 Accumulation of Wealth Is Building Up a Blockage
7.4 Self-reliance and Self-interest
7.5 Those Set to Accomplish Major Endeavors Would Not Get Distracted by Trivial Matters
7.6 Why Do People Get No Rest?
8.1 Implication of Shadow
8.2 Wealthy Are Those Who Follow the Tao
8.3 Keeping Your Willpower Is the Key
8.4 The Natural 0rder Is More Reliable
8.5 When Wealth Falls Within Your Reach.Do Not Try to Get It by Improper Means
8.6 Wisdom Lies in Seizing the Opportunity and Changing with the Times
8.7 When Interest Is Spotted Ahead,There Might Be Danger Behind
8.8 Motivation Plays a More Effective Part Than Monitoring
8.9 The Unsinkable Buoy:Unity of Devotion and Faith
8.10 The N0011 Is But the Blink of an Eye
8.11 Strength Is Weakness and Weakness Strength
8.12 The Truly Benevolent Are Those Who Do Not Expect Karmic Reward
8.13 Opportunists Mav Eventually Lose
8.14 Identify the EssentiaI and Avoid What Is Unnecessary
8.15 How to Neutralize the Three Wavs That Cause Offence
8.16 Self-management for Survival
8.17 What to D0 When Going Astray in a Complex Situation
8.18 The True Favor Is to Let It Live
8.19 Six Delusions of Man
The Wisdom of China: Liezi - Rider on the Wind