G.E. Morrison's Journey in Northwest China in 1910 (2 volumes)

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G.E. Morrison, the resident correspondent to Beijing of The Times, travelled in Kansu, Sinkiang and other provinces of Northwest China for half a year (from Jan. to July) in 1910. He took more than one thousand photographs that showed the places, people and the progress of the Reform Movement of Qing Court during his journey. He then sorted and completed several albums totally in 658 photographs with brief captions. This book was published just on the basis of his albums. The book reflected the true features of West China. The readers will understand the situation of geography and climate of Northwest China, the existence of different kinds of minority nationalities, achievement of the Reform Movement, e.g. the Provincial Assemblies, New Army and schools in western style, etc. and the life of the missionaries in the localities. The book shows the vital and rich image materials for understanding and studying the modern history and the social development of China.
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G.E. Morrison's Journey in Northwest China in 1910 (2 volumes)