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A New Annotated English Version of Great Learning & The Doctrine of The Mean
ISBN: 7533469011, 9787533469016 | Published on 11/2015

A New Annotated English Version of the Analects of Confucius
ISBN: 9787533470272, 7533470273 | Published on 11/2015
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A New Annotated English Version of The Works of Mencius
ISBN: 753347046X, 9787533470463 | Published on 11/2015

G.E. Morrison's Journey in Northwest China in 1910 (2 volumes)
ISBN: 9787533449698 | Published on 11/2008 | Reviews:
G.E. Morrison, the resident correspondent to Beijing of The Times, travelled in Kansu, Sinkiang and other provinces of Northwest China for half a...

Aerial Photos of China. 1945 - Selected from Collections of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
ISBN: 9787533464554 | Published on 07/2014
本书所呈现的这批拍摄于1945年秋的航拍照片,视角独特,拍摄质量高,保存良好,再现了当时中国北方重要城市的原貌,是不可多得的中国现代史影像图片,历史学和社会学价值很高,可以弥补学术界的空白,出版价值极高。 Editor's Recommendation...

A Chinese-English Dictionary of Chinese Culture-Bound Words and Expresssions
ISBN: 9787533480417 | Published on 03/2021

Autobiography of Hu Shi
ISBN: 9787533465391, 7533465393 | Published on 11/2014
This book written by Hu Shi contains: his pictures in different periods, a preface--research on various editions of his autobiography, general notes...