Chinese Picture Dictionary

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This Illustrated Chinese Dictionary is intended for non-native speakers learning Chinese. It aims to help them recognize the form of Chinese characters, pronounce them accurately, understand their meaning, and use the Chinese language correctly.
The dictionary contains more than 1, 900 characters, covering all the characters of Level A and Level B in the National Syllabus of Graded Words and Characters for Chinese Proficiency. The content of each entry is in both Chinese and English, and also transcribed in pinyin. The pronunciation, the radical, the number of strokes of a Chinese character (except the strokes of the radical itself) , the order of strokes observed in calligraphy and the corresponding complex form of the character are clearly indicated after each entry. Meanings of the characters are explained in simple, clear language, and sample words and sentences are also given. The dictionary provides hand-drawn colored illustrations to define the characters more directly and vividly.
The dictionary is easy to use with accurate English definitions and pictures. It is an indispensable Chinese dictionary for non-native speakers of Chinese.
Chinese Picture Dictionary