Mandarin Hip Hop (1) Activity Workbook & Chinese Character Builders

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Mandarin Hip Hop is a graded series of Chinese textbooks for English speakers.It consists of four levels with a total of 80 pieces of Action Songs, Bilingual Chants and Rhymes - an ideal learning companion for children of all ages. Features
1.From Action Songs, Bilingual Chants and Rhymes to oral skills.
2.Chinese, English and Pinyin are all cross presented for easy reference.
3.The static cartoons go together with the dynamic hip hop, adding great fun in learning.
4.Abundant fun memorization techniques greatly facilitate the learning of Chinese characters.

Sarah Lu teaches Chinese at the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong.Her publications include Childen's Songs, Teach Yourself Living Mandarin, Chinese Character Evolution Cards, and Hanyu Pinyin. In Mandarin Hip Hop.She combines her unique teaching skills and extensive knowledge gained in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan with commitment, and a wanderfully rich and creative imagination.
Table of Contents
Unit 1 Answering in Mandarin(Lesson 1-3)
Unit 2 Body Parts(Lessons4-6)
Unit 3 Counting(Lesson7-11)
Unit 4 Counig & Numbers(Lesson12-16)
Unit 5 Directions,Exit & Entrance,Family & Greetings(Lesson17-20)
Answer Key
Inset:Examples of Students'Word
Part A.笔画 The Strokes for Writing Chinese Charactes
Basic Strokes
Corner and Angle Strokes
Hook Strokes
the Combines Strokes
Stroke Search
Summary1:Major Strokes
Part B.笔顺 The Stroke Order for Handwring
Rules 1&2
Rules 3&4
Rules 5&6
Rules 7&8
Summary2:the Stroke Order
Text Yourself
Part C.写汉字 Writing Chinese Characters

Answer Key
Third cover:Crossword
Inset:Examples of Students' Work
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Mandarin Hip Hop (1) Activity Workbook & Chinese Character Builders