China Urban Life and Price Yearbook 2010

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First, the "Chinese cities (towns) Life and Price Yearbook 2010 " is in the "Urban Households Income and Expenditure Survey"and" China Price Statistical Yearbook" on the basis of the data were enriched and re-arrangement, an increase of English. The system included the 2009 Yearbook of Urban Households Income and Expenditure Survey, the basic situation of urban development, information and price survey data, is a more comprehensive reflection of the Chinese city (town) people's standard of living and price index for all kinds of professional and integrated Yearbook . Second, the Yearbook is divided into four main parts, the first part of the household income and consumption of urban residents; second part of the city resources and the economy; third part of the urban quality of life and the environment; fourth part, the price index. Endnote explained with statistical indicators. Third, the Yearbook involving national statistics do not include Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province of information. D, the Yearbook data unit of measure used are internationally standard measurement units. Fifth, the information in the city level and above cities. Statistics by City, Town or investigation team collected statistics department. The city's "city"for all the administrative regions of the city, including urban, suburban counties under municipal jurisdiction; "municipal district"includes urban, suburban, not including the municipal county. VI, the data in the Income and Expenditure Survey of urban households and price survey data from the sample survey data, reference should be noted that representation error. Seven urban households income and expenditure survey (also known as household survey) and price index survey by the National Bureau of Urban Social Economic Survey organization and implementation of the National Bureau of Investigation Team and the sampled cities (counties) of the investigation team based on national Bureau of Statistics survey programs formulated by the specific operation. VIII Yearbook symbol use: "space"indicates the data or information not available; number that comment under the table, # sign indicates the number of them.
China Urban Life and Price Yearbook 2010