Chinese for Managers: Business Chinese Vol.1(With 2 CDs)

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Chinese for Managers Series, written by teachers in BFSU and sponsored by EU-China Junior managers training programme, is designed specifically for business Chinese learners. It consists of Phonetics, Everyday Chinese, and Business Chinese. Phonetics only has one volume and is used as a supporting material in the elementary stage, while the other two are both divided into 2 volumes. Everyday Chinese focuses on elementary Chinese in daily life, with business Chinese in office environment as a subsidiary. Business Chinese mainly focuses on professional business Chinese in commercial communication, with commercial Chinese reflecting socio-economic life as a subsidiary.

Chinese for Managers: Business Chinese is targeted at non-native Chinese speakers who have a certain knowledge of the Chinese language, especially those who are doing business with China. The whole set consists of two volumes with 20 topics altogether. Units 1~12 covers the twelve most common business situations people may encounter in their daily work, each with a vocabulary list that includes both spoken and written forms. Units 13~15 provide 3 special cases in the areas of marketing and management. Units 16~20 introduce 5 widely-discussed issues in the Chinese economy. Business Chinese is made for a six-month training program, with each lesson taking up 14~16 hours. Business Chinese comes in two volumes, and this book is the first volume

About the Author
Zhang Hong, Associate Professor of School of Chinese Language and Literature at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. Her research field is in TCSL teaching, teaching management theory and its application, compilation of the ordinary and special teaching materials for TCSL. She has participated in the compilation of many books, including Experiencing Chinese: Business Communication in China.
Table of Contents
第一单元 求职与应聘
Unit 1 Applying for and Accepting a Job
第二单元 录用与培训
Unit 2 Employment and Training
第三单元 商务交际
Unit 3 Business Communication
第四单元 办公环境
Unit 4 Office Environment
第五单元 博览会、交易会和研讨会
Unit 5 International Exhibition, Trade Fair and Symposium
第六单元 会议与参观
Unit 6 Conference and Visit
第七单元 公司类型
Unit 7 Company Types
第八单元 公司组织结构
Unit 8 Organizational Structure of a Company
第九单元 询价与谈判
Unit 9 Price Inquiry and Negotiation
第十单元 交货与付款
Unit 10 Goods Delivery and Payment
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Sample pages of Chinese for Managers: Business Chinese Vol.1(With 2 CDs) (ISBN:9787560050034)

Sample pages of Chinese for Managers: Business Chinese Vol.1(With 2 CDs) (ISBN:9787560050034)
Chinese for Managers: Business Chinese Vol.1(With 2 CDs)