Chinese for Managers Phonetics

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Chinese for Managers Series, written by teachers in BFSU and sponsored by EU-China Junior managers training programme, is designed specifically for the business Chinese learners. It consists of Phonetics, Everyday Chinese, and Business Chinese. Phonetics only has one volume and is used as a supporting material in the elementary stage, while the other two are both divided into 2 volumes. Everyday Chinese focuses on elementary Chinese in daily life, with business Chinese in office environment as a subsidiary. Business Chinese mainly focuses on professional business Chinese in commercial communication, with commercial Chinese reflecting socioeconomic life as a subsidiary.

Chinese for Managers: Phonetics is a basic phonetic textbook for students learning Chinese as a second language. As one of the series of textbooks under the title of Chinese for Managers, this book can be used either with Everyday Chinese, another book of this set of textbooks, or separately for beginners to learn the phonetics of Mandarin. This book is divided into three units: Unit one concentrates on the basic phonetic element, the initials, finals and tones; unit two focuses on the tone liaison, neutral tone and retroflex ending –r; unit three is devoted to the learning and training of basic reading skills.

About the Author
Li Ming, Associate Professor of School of Chinese Language and Literature at Beijing Foreign Studies University, MA supervisor. Her research field is in TCSL and the education history of Chinese in an international context. Her works include Vocabulary Teaching and Acquisition Study in TCSL.
Table of Contents
第一单元 音节构成要素分项学习
第一课 单韵母a o e i u 0,声母b p m f d t n I g k h,四声一
第二课 声母j q x z c s zh ch sh r,特殊韵母-I-
第三课 复韵母:前响、后响、中响复韵母
第四课 鼻韵母:前、后鼻韵母.

第二单元 语流音变分项学习一
第五课 声调连读:第一声、第二声、第四声的连读
第六课 第三声的连读和变调,“不”和“一”的变调
第七课 轻声:轻声的类别和规律,轻声的作用
第八课 卷舌韵母er,儿化韵-r

第三单元 朗读技能分项学习
第九课 重音
第十课 停顿
第十一课 语调
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Chinese for Managers Phonetics (ISBN:9787560050027)
Sample pages of Chinese for Managers Phonetics (ISBN:9787560050027)
Chinese for Managers Phonetics