Ritual, Music and Ethos of Culture in Ancient China

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Whether China can provide a different mode of cultural development from western cultural evolution determines whether Chinese culture can prevail in the cultural competition between the Eastern and the Western world in the 21st century. Only by understanding our culture can we win and make greater contribution to the civilization in the world. Therefore, this book elaborates cultural implication and practical significance of “Rituals (Li in Chinese)” —core of Chinese civilization by raising some thought-provoking traditional theories with plain expressions and vivid examples.

About Author

Peng Lin is a professor and a doctorate instructor in the Department of History at Tsinghua University. He is also the Academic Committee member of Tsinghua University Art Museum, and is a long-time teacher of Chinese Ancient History and the History of Academic Thoughts. Besides, he has served as Academy of Social Sciences Research Center Expert Committee member, Chinese Yanhuang Culture Research Institute Councilor and Huaxia Culture Promotion Society chief expert. Professor Peng has been a distinguished professor at Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference forum, an adjunct professor at many universities in China and a visiting professor and scholar at numerous other institutions around the world, such as Kyoto University, City University of Hong Kong, Sungkyunkwan University and Academia Sinica Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy. Professor Peng has been the chief expert for a key project supported by the National Social Science Fund of China named “Reestablishment of ‘Rituals’ and Modern Etiquette.”

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Ritual, Music and Ethos of Culture in Ancient China