Chinese Folk Songs

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  • Author: Yi Ningyan;
  • Language: Chinese, English
  • Format: 23.4 x 16.4 x 1.4 cm
  • Page: 194
  • Publication Date: 12/2014
  • ISBN: 9787560856179
  • Publisher: Tongji University Press

"Chinese Folk Songs (Chinese-English Edition)" is divided into folk songs of Han nationality and those of minority groups; it classifies the Han nationality's folk songs by different music genres , while categorizes ethnic minorities folk songs by different ethnic groups and takes some classic songs to for examples. In the form of Chinese-English comparison, the book tries to vividly demonstrate the musical styles and artistic charm of Chinese folk songs through the interpretation of relevant theoretical knowledge and representative works. It provides a basic reading for foreign students, scholars or friends in China, and Confucius Institutes or Chinese school abroad to understand Chinese folk song books; it may also be the textbook of related courses in colleges and universities.

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