Huang Hua Memoirss: Contemporary History and Diplomacy of China

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Huang Hua just celebrated his 96th birthday. A graduate of Yenching University, he is a typical Chinese progressive intellectual of his time. In old China the suffering of the common people and the pressing danger of losing the sovereignty of the entire nation led Huang Hua and millions of young people to join the struggle for China's liberation.
Huang Hua's memoir is a book describing his more than 70 years of activities as a revolutionary and a diplomat. It reflects also many significant aspects of China's modern political history. In his posts as ambassador and foreign minister he witnessed a great range of events in international relations and participated in the realization of the foreign policy of New China.
As to the book's style of writing, it is just like the character of the author-clear and straightforward, so it is easy to read and comprehend.
About the author:
Mr. Huang Hua was born in 1913. His revolutionary and diplomatic activities have lasted over 70 years. In his youth he emerged as a leader of the student movement in Beijing for resistance against Japanese aggression and for national salvation. In 1936 Huang Hua accompanied US journalist Edgar Snow to northern Shaanxi Province to interview fighters of the Red Army and Mao Zedong of the Chinese soviet regime in Yenan, and worked together with the US Army Observer Group there. After the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, Huang Hua began to engage in diplomatic activities on behalf of his motherland, including attending international conferences and political negotiations, and serving as ambassador to Ghana, Egypt and Canada, and as China's permanent representative to the United Nations. It was Huang Hua who negotiated with Dr. Henry Kissinger on the latter's secret visit to China. During his term as China's foreign minister, Huang Hua oversaw the signing of the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship and the establishing of diplomatic ties with the US.
Huang Hua Memoirss: Contemporary History and Diplomacy of China