World Expo 2010 Shanghai China

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With concise language, clear categories, and abundant pictures and illustrations, this book introduces the World Expo 2010 Shanghai to worldwide readers. The book is divided into four parts. The first part, "Introduction to the World Expo," describes the history and development of the World Expo. The second part, "Most Everything Begins in the World Expo," discusses many well-known inventions which were introduced to the world at previous Expos, which are symbols of human creativity and imagination. The third part, "The World Expo 2010 Shanghai", introduces Shanghai Expo's theme, sites, sign, mascot, major facilities, and pavilions. The fourth part, "A Glimpse of Shanghai Culture,"highlights the many splendid Shanghai cultural treasures and tour attractions.
Table of Contents
Ⅰ. Introduction to the World Expo
1.The Origin of the World Expo
2.The First World Expo
3.The Concept of the World Expo
4.The Bureau of International Expositions (BIE)
5.The Theme of the World Expo
6.The Classification of the World Expo
7.The Exhibition Pavilion
8.World Expo's Forum and Activities
9.The World Expo with the Largest Attendance
10.The World Expo with the Most Participants

Ⅱ. Most Everything Begins with the World Expo
1.The Elevator
2.French Wine
3.The Saxophone
4.Reinforced Concrete
5.The Statue of Liberty
6.The Phonograph
7.The Eiffel Tower
8.The Zipper
9.The Ferris Wheel
10.Blue Ribbon Beer
11.Cracker Jacks
12.Motion Pictures
13.The Ice Cream Cone
15.The Atomium
16.The Space Needle
17.Moon Rock
18.Rubik's Cube

Ⅲ. The World Expo 2010 Shanghai
1.Introduction to Shanghai
2.The World Expo 2010 Shanghai
3.The Expo Site
4.The Expo Logo
5.The Expo Mascot
6.The Expo Theme
7.The Urban Best Practices Area
8.The Web Expo
9.The Expo Axis
10.Theme Pavilions
11.The China Pavilion
12.The Expo Center
13.The Expo Performance Center
14.The Expo Museum
15.Nations' Pavilions
Swiss Pavilion
British Pavilion
Spanish Pavilion
Dutch Pavilion
Saudi Arabian Pavilion
Canadian Pavilion
French Pavilion
Italian Pavilion
German Pavilion
New Zealand Pavilion
Australian Pavilion
Danish Pavilion
Finnish Pavilion
Japanese Pavilion
Israeli Pavilion
South Korean Pavilion
Singapore Pavilion
Meteo World Pavilion
China Aviation Pavilion
United States Pavilion

Ⅳ.A Glimpse of Shanghai Culture
1.The Shikumen
2.The People's Square
3.The Shanghai Big World
4.The Kunqu Opera
5.The Maglev Train
6.The River Village-Zhouzhuang
7.The Oriental Pearl Tower
8.The Nanjing Road
9.The Bund
10.The Xintiandi
11.The City God's Temple Market-Yuyuan Garden
12.Chongming Donglan

Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China (ISBN:9787313060440)
Sample pages of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China (ISBN:9787313060440)
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World Expo 2010 Shanghai China