Expo 2010 Shanghai China Offical Gudebook (English Version)

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Table of Contents
Theme Pavilions
Urbanian Pavilion
Pavilion of City Being
Pavilion of Urban Planet
Pavilion of Footprint
Pavilion of Future

Pavilions in Zone A
China Pavilion
Asia Joint Pavilion I
Bangladesh Pavilion
Kyrgyzstan Pavilion
Matdives Pavilion
Mongolia Pavilion
Tajikistan Pavilion
Timor-Leste Pavilion
Asia Joint Pavilion II
Afghanistan Pavilion
Bahrain Pavilion
Jordan Pavilion
Palestine Pavilion
Syria Pavilion
Yemen Pavilion
Asia Joint Pavilion III
Laos Pavilion
Myanmar Pavilion
Chinese Provinces Joint Pavilion
Beijing Pavilion
Tianjin Pavilion
Hebei Pavilion
Shanxi Pavilion
Inner Mongolia Pavilion
Liaoning Pavilion
Jilin Pavilion
Heilongjiang Pavilion
Jiangsu Pavilion
Zhejiang Pavilion
Anhui Pavilion
Fujian Pavilion
Jiangxi Pavilion
Shandong Pavilion
Henan Pavilion
Hubei Pavilion
Hunan Pavilion
Guangdong Pavilion
Guangxi Pavilion
Hainan Pavilion
Chongqing Pavilion
Sichuan Pavilion
Guizhou Pavilion
Yunnan Pavilion
Tibet Pavilion
Shaanxi Pavilion
Gansu Pavilion
Qinghai Pavilion
Ningxia Pavilion
Xinjiang Pavilion
Shanqhai Pavilion
Democratic People's Republic
of Korea Pavilion
Hong Kong Pavilion
India Pavilion
Iran Pavilion
Israel Pavilion
Japan Pavilion
Kazakhstan Pavilion
Lebanon Pavilion
Macao Pavilion
Morocco Pavilion
Nepal Pavilion
Oman Pavilion
Pakistan Pavilion
Qatar Pavilion
Republic of Korea Pavilion
Saudi Arabia Pavilion
Sri Lanka Pavilion
Taiwan Pavilion
Turkmenistan Pavilion
UAE Pavilion
Uzbekistan Pavilion
Vietnam Pavilion

Pavilions in Zone B
Australia Pavilion
Brunei Darussalam Pavilion
Cambodia Pavilion
DEVNET Pavilion
International Red Cross and Red Crescent
Indonesia Pavilion
Joint Pavilion of International
Pavilion of Association of Southeast
Asian Nations
Pavilion of Boao Forum for Asia
Pavilion of Common Market for
Eastern and Southern Africa
Pavilion of Forum Francophone
des Affaires
Pavilion of Global Environment Facility
Pavilion of International Association
of Public Transport
Pavilion of International Council of Museums
Pavilion of International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
Pavilion of League of Arab States
Pavilion of Shanahai CooDeration
Pavilion of United Cities and Local
Pavilion of World Water Council
Pavilion of World Wide Fund
for Nature
Life Sunshine Pavilion
Malaysia Pavilion
MeteoWorld Pavilion
New Zealand Pavilion
Pacific Joint Pavilion
Pavilion of Public Participation
Pavilion of World Trade Centers
Philippines Pavilion
Singapore Pavilion
Thailand Pavilion
UN Joint Pavilion

Paviloons in Zone C
Africa Pavilion
African Union (AU) Pavilion
Benin Pavilion
Botswana Pavilion
Burundi Pavilion
Cameroon Pavilion
Cape Verde Pavilion
Central African Republic Pavilion
Chad Pavilion
Comoros Pavilion
Republic of the Congo Pavilion
C6te d'lvoire Pavilion
Democratic Republic of the
Congo Pavilion
Djibouti Pavilion
Equatorial Guinea Pavilion
Eritrea Pavilion
Ethiopia Pavilion
Gabon Pavilion
Gambia Pavilion
Ghana Pavilion
Guinea Pavilion
Guinea.Bissau Pavilion
Kenya Pavilion
Lesotho Pavilion
Liberia Pavilion
Madagascar Pavilion
Malawi Pavilion
Mali Pavilion
Mauritania Pavilion
Mauritius Pavilion
Mozambique Pavilion
Namibia Pavilion
Niger Pavilion
Rwanda Pavilion
Senegal Pavilion
Seychelles Pavilion
Sierra Leone Pavilion
Somalia Pavilion
Sudan Pavilion
ogo Pavilion
Uganda Pavilion
Tanzania Pavilion
Zambia Pavilion
Zimbabwe Pavilion
Algeria Pavilion
Angola Pavilion
Argentina Pavilion
Austria Pavilion
Belarus Pavilion
Belgium.EU Pavilion
Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion
Brazi0 Pavi¨on
Canada Pavilion
Caribbean Community Joint Pavilion
Antigua and Barbuda Pavilion
Bahamas Pavilion
Barbados Pavilion
Belize Pavilion
Caribbean Community Pavilion
Caribbean Development Bank
Dominica Pavilion
Grenada Pavilion
Pavilions in Zone D
Expo Shanghai Online
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Expo 2010 Shanghai China Offical Gudebook (English Version) (ISBN:9787547301647)
Sample pages of Expo 2010 Shanghai China Offical Gudebook (English Version) (ISBN:9787547301647)
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Expo 2010 Shanghai China Offical Gudebook (English Version)