Expo File: A Centenary of Celebration

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Language: English
Format: Papercover
Page: 175
Publication Date: 07/2010
ISBN: 9787545802603,7545802608
Publisher: Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
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Sample pages of Expo File: A Centenary of Celebration (ISBN:9787545802603,7545802608)
Sample pages of Expo File: A Centenary of Celebration (ISBN:9787545802603,7545802608)

and visitors were transported through it on a track. TheAmerican history, culture and arts displayed inside the ballfully showcased the creative spirit of Americans. Amongthem was a space exhibition, allowing visitors easy accessto the space environment. To the delight of visitors, theMilky Way and Gemini made a sudden appearance before them. Pictures of the moon's surface were displayed, making a deep impression on visitors as well. No wonder the American pavilion became the most popular attractionin the event.
Another representative construction of the eventwas a building for residential housing, which could bereconstructed into different shapes. It was the architectand designer Moshe Sadie who proposed the idea ofsustainable development, with the idea of addressingthe worldwide housing problem through such new-stylearchitecture. The building was retained after the expo andtransformed into a high-level residential housing estate.
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Expo File: A Centenary of Celebration