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On December 3rd,2002,Shanghai won the bid to host the World Expo 2010 at Monte Carlo,Monaco. With the arrival of the exhilarating news,the whole country was flail of jubilation,joyful tears and great relief,which undoubtedly led to a sleepless night!A long.waited dream had come true.accompanied with huge responsibilities.At the very moment that Shanghai was granted as the host of the World Expo,these emotions have turned into the strong belief that Shanghai people are capable of making the Expo Successful.wonderful and unforgettable.By doing this.a much more beautiful city and the better interpretation on life will be presented in front of the world.whereas the ever-lasting friendship will be spread over the world.
1."Such is the Wodd Expo!"This remark demonstrates the constantly deepened understanding of the Expo by Chinese people over the past six years.
Before that.Chinese people had learnt a lot about the Worid Expo.It is known to all that China's liquor Mao-tai won the Golden Prize at Panama.Pacific Intemational Exposition fExpo 1915 Panama).and became famous since than.In 1904,Saint Louis World’s Fair (Expo 1904 Saint Louis)witnessed the official debut on the presence of the Chinese government on the stage of the World ExD0.The People’s Republic of China first displayed its exhibits at 1982 Knoxville Intemational Energy Exposition(Expo 1982 Knoxville).
In 2002,the news from Xinhua News Agency said that Xu Rongcun,a Shanghai merchant,brought his Yung Kee silkto the 1851 Great Exhibition ofthe Works ofIndustrv ofAU Nations(EXpo 1851 London). This had connected China with the World Expo 16 years earlier than the previously acknowledged time. In 1999.the successful International Horticultural Exposition hosted by Kunming had ellabled Chinese people with the basic understanding on Expo by personal experiencing a real Expo.However,the profound understanding on the Expo started six years ago fight after China succeeded in bidding for the Expo 2010 (Expo 2010 Shanghai).
In the past six years.our understanding on World Expo no longer stayed on one or two interesting antidotes,but became more systematic and deeper.
In the first place.the World Expo is a form of display.In addition to showing the facilities required by human civilizations,each Expo focuses on its specific theme to showcase human being’s progress, development and prospects.Amidst the omnipresent challenges,human beings opt to face them with the innovative spirit-creating new things through scientific methods,exploring mysteries of human history.nature and the whole universe.It is such an innovation that helps human beings to fight against the challenges.The World Expo exactly sticks to the theme of human development,which is demonstrated by the achievements on economy,science and technology of the industrialized period,the pursuit of artistic achievements and architectural well as concerns on the relationship between the social development and the nature.That is why we say the World Expo guides us to recall the past.face the present and embrace the future.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ: Everything Great Starts from World Expo
World Expo: Olympics for Economy, Culture, Science and Technology
From Strength Competition to Intelligence Exposure: Expo Witnesses the Human Development
World Expo: A Showcase for Human's Progress
Glamour of the Expo: Communication and Participation
World Expo Culture: National and Global
Theme: The Soul of Expo
Exhibition: Five Continents before Your Eyes
Brainstorming: Discussing Global Common Topics
Joyful Gathering at the Uncommon World Expo
Follow-up Effect of World Expo

Chapter Ⅱ: Host Countries and Their World Expos
The U.K. and the World Expo: Modem World in Crystal Palace
France and the World Expo: A Beautiful Encounter with Paris
France and the World Expo: The Vicissitudes of Eiffel Tower
The U.S. and the World Expo in the 19th Century: Mankind Enters the Age of Skyscrapers
The U.S. and the World Expo in the First Half of the 20th Century: Indelible Taste
The U.S. and the World Expo in the Second Half of the 20th Century: Stride toward the Space Age
Belgium and the World Expo: Science, Civilization and Humanity
Canada and the World Expo: Seek Common Progress for Mankind
Germany and the World Expo: Building the Image of Modem World Expo
Japan and the World Expo: Development and Rise

Chapter Ⅲ: China and the World Expo
London, England: The First Chinese Businessmen to "Open Their Eyes to the World"
Paris, France: The Chinese at Four Paris World Expos
Vienna, Austria: The Controversy Concerning
with the Foreign-controlled China's Participation in the World Expo
Philadelphia, U.S.: Witness to Sino-America Friendship
St. Louise, U.S.: Qing Government Formally Ascended the Stage of World Expo
Nanjing, China: The First Practice Aiming at the World Expo
San Francisco, U.S.: The World Expo That Hugely Influenced on China
Philadelphia, U.S.: World Expo Made China Realize What the Lags Were
Chicago, U.S.: A Well-concerted Cooperation among Private Capital
From Knoxville to Aichi:
The Glorious and Splendid Trip Made by New China in World Expos

Chapter Ⅳ: 2010, We Are Coming
World Expo: Marching toward Shanghai
We Are Preparing for This Day
Theme of World Expo Shanghai: "Better City, Better Life"
Pavilion: Creating a "On-site Experience" of World Expo
Forum: Carry Forward Spiritual Heritage of World Expo
Performance: Mould the Harmony of Diverse Cultures in World Expo
Expo 2010 Shanghai: Two Innovations

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Sample pages of The World Exposition Reader (ISBN:9787543936195)
Sample pages of The World Exposition Reader (ISBN:9787543936195)
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