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A Newly Compiled Practical English-Chinese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Chinese Tuina (Message) (English-Chinese)
ISBN: 9787810106511 | Published on 09/2011 | Series: A Newly Compiled Practical English-Chinese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine | Reviews:
Chinese Tuina is one important component of Chinese Traditional medicine, and it is also an important clinical subject of TCM. Sticking to the...

Chinese-English Illustrated Therapeutic Manipulations in TCM Orthopedics and Traumatology (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787532395408 | Published on 12/2008
This English-Chinese book, suitable as a reference book for clinical practitioners, contains illustrations which clearly depict the main...

Illustration of Composed Acupoints in Acupuncture-Moxibustion Use (Chinese-English) 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9787532390984 | Published on 04/2008
Composed acupoints is the group of acupoints composed of two points or more, it’s a new combination and new form in the development of...
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The Bund
ISBN: 9787543951075 | Published on 12/2011
"The Bund":The author provides the readers with the historical chahgesof the Great Buildings along the Bund in Shanghai and themagical...

Diagrams of Acupuncture (Chinese-English) 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9787532391769 | Published on 04/2008
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Chinese-English Illustrations of Tuina Manipulations (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787532396955 | Published on 01/2009

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine
ISBN: 7543922967 / 9787543922969 | Published on 12/2004
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Typical TCM Therapy for Primary Hypertension (English-Chinese)
ISBN: 781010795X | Published on 07/2004 | Series: Typical TCM Therapy

Typical TCM Therapy for Lung Cancer (English-Chinese)
ISBN: 7810107917 | Published on 07/2004 | Series: Typical TCM Therapy
Lung cancer pertains to the concept of "lung stagnation" in TCM. TCM has accumulated rich clinical experience in the prevention, diagnosis...

Typical TCM Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis (English-Chinese)
ISBN: 7810107933 | Published on 07/2004 | Series: Typical TCM Therapy
The series of "An English-Chinese Guide to Clinical Treatment of Common Diseases" is compiled to assist foreign students to have a better...
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