China Yearbook of Agricultural Price Survey 2013

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First, the book accompanying editorial purposes and role of the establishment and improvement of China's market economic system , run to accelerate the pace of market-oriented rural economy , the basic role of the market mechanism in the circulation of agricultural products and trade increasingly apparent , macroeconomic policy-making and the public needs information on agricultural prices growing. In order to adapt to this new situation, the National Bureau of Rural Social and Economic Survey System play to their strengths , and gradually established a complete system of agricultural price survey on agricultural production and circulation of the whole process of intensive follow-up survey , comprehensive grasp of agricultural prices , in-depth perspective of production, distribution pattern of trade relations and the interests and consumption of agricultural products. The purpose of these price data compilation is to give full play to agricultural price information in the analysis of the supply and demand of agricultural products , the unique role of competition in agricultural markets and industrial structure adjustment , farmers' income and consumption , etc., to better serve the party and government at all levels leading the "three rural " decision , the price of agricultural services in concern research institutions and public sectors . Second, the main content of the survey methodology and data content of the book editor of the book includes charts, agricultural producer prices , markets prices, U.S. agricultural produce price information in four parts. Agricultural production per unit of product price is the price the farmers and agricultural producers to sell their products directly to the farm when actually received , it is agricultural trade market price, the basis and premise wholesale price and consumer price formation . Agricultural producer prices survey used random sampling survey method selected outlets , the implementation of sample surveys. 31 000 were selected for the national agricultural production units , which accounted for 90.5% of farmers , farms accounted for 9.5 %. Animal husbandry and fishery survey covering four categories, fifteen classes thirty small class 6 0 C] kinds of agricultural products. Agricultural trade market price survey is bazaars price survey on agricultural products nationwide 200 main producing counties ( city ) 36 kinds of agricultural products carried out to reflect the main producing areas of China's agricultural trade agricultural commodities prices and price movements . U.S. agricultural producer prices data is collated from information on the basis of the information published on the U.S. Department of Agriculture , is designed to provide information to compare the prices of domestic agricultural production .
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China Yearbook of Agricultural Price Survey 2013