Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2017

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First, "Hubei Statistical Yearbook -2017" is an information-intensive information tool. Through a large number of data, a comprehensive analysis, records and reflect the Hubei Province in 2016 economic, social, technological, cultural and other aspects of the development. With a large amount of information, authoritative, wide applicability and so on.

Second, this yearbook includes comprehensive, population, employees and staff salaries, fixed asset investment, energy production and consumption, price index, people's life, resources and environment, city profiles, agriculture, industry, construction, transportation and post and telecommunications, domestic trade , Foreign economic and tourism, finance, finance and insurance, education, science and technology, culture, sports, health, social welfare, Hubei province development zone main economic indicators, Wuhan city circle, western Hubei ecological culture tourism circle, county economy, appendix 23 parts.

In the year of 2017, the statistical yearbook of Hubei Province and the chapter structure are consistent with the "China Statistical Yearbook". With reference to the implementation of the National Statistical Bureau of the National Statistical Bureau, the latest national economic industry classification standards and index caliber are adopted. A comprehensive revision of the English notes and indicators has been revised.

Fourth, this yearbook on the past published statistical information to be re-examined, where the information with this year are different, are based on this yearbook. The statistics of the statistical bulletin in this yearbook are preliminary. If the data are inconsistent with the yearbook data, please refer to the yearbook data.

Fifth, the use of indicators in the Yearbook to be combined with the interpretation of indicators in the text, as well as the rational use of notes, so as to avoid mistakes.

Six, "Hubei Statistical Yearbook" since the public publication, by the readers at home and abroad care and support, the contents of this yearbook and editorial work made a lot of valuable advice, for which we express our gratitude. Due to the limited level, the editorial work is inevitably a mistake, welcome readers to criticize the correction.
Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2017