The Ancient Culture in Xinjiang along the Silk Road/シルクロ一ド·新疆古代文化

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Many scholars and tourists are deeply interested in the history of Xinjiang section of the Silk Road and the achievement of archaeological research on it, hoping to read a professional book excellent in both picture and literary composition. This book makes an over-all introduction to the accomplishments in the last 100 years of archaeological investigations, excavations and researches on the three branches of the Silk Road in Xinjiang. More than 1360 pictures of ancient cities, tombs and elaborate cultural relics are presented in the book, each with description in Chinese, English and Japanese, giving a convincing account of the development tracks of multi-cultures in ancient Xinjiang. Eight essays on special topics are included in this book. They clarify some ancient cultural phenomena along the Silk Road in Xinjiang from different perspectives. Besides, some significant tourist spots with special ethnic characteristics of Xinjiang in urban area are also introduced in the book. Tile writers hope that this will help to increase people's knowledge and understanding of Xinjiang.
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The Ancient Culture in Xinjiang along the Silk Road/シルクロ一ド·新疆古代文化