Humanities and Arts of The Silk Road Volume 1

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Table of Contents
Artistic Theory & Aesthetics of the Silk Road
A Thorough Inquiry into the Art History of the Silk Road as Based on ThreeArtistic Phenomena
Basic Theoretical Problems of the Silk Road Art
A Discussion of the Types and Paradigms of Aesthetic Style of China'sExport Porcelain
Religious Art of the Silk Road
Fusion and Reference of Manichaeism to Nestorian Christianity
Adaptation in the Construction of Ritual Vernaculars: Preliminary Notes onThree ManuscriptsPaul Copp
Zen Thought in Images of the Buddha's Nirvana in China
Tetsufumi Muramatsu
Implications of the Mustachioed Big Buddha Statue in the Gangu Grottoesfrom the Perspective of the Silk Road Art
Armenian Topic
A History of Armenian Trade and Cultural Relations in the Thirteenth andFourteenth Centuries
The Cultural Landscape of Medieval Vayots Dzor: A Discussion from thePerspective of the Silk Road
Armenian Manuscripts from the Ninth to the Fourteenth Century
Karen Matevosyan
Trade City and Political Arena: Excavation of the Armenian Arai-BazarjughCaravan Inn in the Late Medieval Period Kathryn
A Report on the Archaeological Survey in Selim Caravanserai
Vayots Dzor as a Pivot for the Silk Road Defence System Husik Melqonyan
The Dvin-Ani Trade Route and the Aruch and
Talin Posts Karen Matevosyan180 A Sisajan-Gelakuni Section of the Dvin-Partav Trade RouteBabken Harutyunyan
The Dvin-Partav Road in the Early Medieval Period (Fifth to Ninth Century)
Armenian Pomegranate Art: A Case-Study of Silk Road Cultural ExchangesGuo Maoquanand a Symbol of National Spirit
Exploring Musical Exchange on the Silk Road through the Duduk of Armenia
Artistic Exchanges of the Silk Road
A Study on the Activities of Hu People from Central Asia in Qinzhou fromthe Late Northern Dynasties Period to the Sui and
Tang DynastiesSun Xiaofeng-With a Focus on the Maiji Mountain Grottoes
The Relationship between a Portrait of Prince Sh?toku and Tang Royal
Murals: On the Materiality of the Cultural Identity in the Tang Dynasty
The Introduction of Buddhist Statues in the Maijishan Grottoes and TheirArtistic Characteristics
The Qijia Painted-Pottery Culture on the Silk Road
Literature Research of the Silk Road
Literary Archaeology: a New Field of Ancient Chinese Literary Studies—aCase Study on the Gansu Section of the SilkRoadArtistic Dynamic of the Silk Road
Subjects Integration and Academic Innovation Motivated by the Humanisticand Art Studies of the Silk Road: Overview of the
Humanistic and ArtForum on the Silk Road
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Humanities and Arts of The Silk Road Volume 1