The Buddhist Art in Xinjiang Along the Silk Road

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Author: Huo Xuchu; Qi Xiaoshan;
Language: Chinese, English, Japanese
Format: Paper Cover, 285*210mm
Page: 175
Publication Date: 04/2006
ISBN: 9787563120253
Publisher: Xinjiang University Press
The Silk Road was a bridge linking East and West and a principal route through which Buddhism spread eastward. During the long history, abundant Buddhist sites and relics have been left in Xinjiang. The authors carefully selected nearly 60 sites and over 500 photos from the treasure house of the Buddhist art in Xinjiang and provide exact and detailed description to every site and photo in three languages, i.e. Chinese, English and Japanese, hoping to make a comprehensive introduction to the Buddhist art in Xinjiang. This book will take readers on a magical journey to appreciate the charm of ancient Buddhist art of Xinjiang and the fruit of cultural exchanges between East and West.
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The Buddhist Art in Xinjiang Along the Silk Road