Chongqing Statistical Yearbook 2018

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"Chongqing Statistical Yearbook 2018" is a large-scale annual statistical publication that is compiled and published by the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Statistics and the Chongqing Bureau of Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics and published by the China Statistics Publishing House to comprehensively record the economic construction and social development of Chongqing. This book contains statistics on the important historical years of Chongqing and all aspects of economic and social aspects in 2017, as well as the main statistics of all districts and counties (autonomous counties).

The "Chongqing Statistical Yearbook 2018" has a total of 22 chapters, including: 1. Comprehensive; 2. National economic accounting; 3. Population and employment; 4. Fixed assets investment; 5. Energy consumption; 6. Finance; And price; 8. Urban construction; 9. Resources and environment; 10. Factor market; 11. Agriculture and rural economy; 12. Industry; 13. Construction industry; 14. Transportation and post and telecommunications; 15. Domestic trade; Trade and tourism; 17. Financial industry; 18. Education, science and technology and culture; 19. Health, sports and other social activities; 20. Districts and counties; 21. Immigration of the Three Gorges Project in Chongqing; 22. List of basic units. At the same time, a chapter of the appendix: the main statistics of the country and provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government). Each chapter is preceded by a "Brief Description", which introduces the main contents and sources of this chapter. The "Explanation of Main Statistical Indicators" is attached at the end of the chapter.
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Chongqing Statistical Yearbook 2018