The Ten Stages of Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Author: Zhang Changen; Zou Zhijun; Shen Zepei;
Language: Chinese-English
Format: Hardcover
Page: 376
Publication Date: 08/2008
ISBN: 9787509120163
Publisher: People's Military Medical Press
Prof. Zhang Changen's latest book, The Ten Stages of Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese-English), is published by People's Military Medical Press China recently. As a kind of the quintessence of China, Traditional Chinese Medicine has greatly contributed to human health with its unique theory and effects. To expand TCM with Beijing's Olympic Games as a opportunity, Prof. Zhang put forward this book. Some foreign specialists hold that the book will not only be a practical reference for clinicians of TCM, but also bring popular science knowledge of TCM for the common readers and foreigners. Concentrating on categorizing the extensive and profound knowledge into ten procedures, the book presents: 1.presentation of the symptoms and pulses, 2. synthesis of the four diagnostics, 3.estimation of the disease field, 4.syndrome differentiation of various diseases, 5.syndrome identification with eight principles, 6.distinction of formula syndromes, 7.formation of therapeutic principles, 8.draft for therapeutic methods, 9.selection of formulas and drugs and 10.observation and nursing after treatment. The ten stages in the book embracing the theories, methods, formulas and herbs, has the merit of "holding the brief to cope with the diverse". If studying it earnestly and grasping its essence, the readers are surely to improve their abilities of understanding and practicing TCM.
From learning and advocating the doctrine of the medical sage Zhang Zhongjing, Prof Zhang is an expert at using classical formulas of TCM and at applying the treatment of difficult and chronic diseases with marked curative effects. His early masterpieces include ‘Chinese Formula Syndromes' and ‘Exposition of Zhang Zhongjing's Medicine Administration'.
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by Robert Baker on 2015-03-13 13:15:09
A Great Classic of TCM. The depth of information contained in this book is a study course that is immediately illuminating, and by successive thorough examinations and ponderings can take a student far down the road to understanding TCM.
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The Ten Stages of Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Traditional Chinese Medicine