Quick Understanding of Clinical Fundamentals of TCM

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It is difficult to study TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and what is even more difficult is to become a well-known TCM physician. Not only does the difficulty lie in mastering plenty of TCM fundamentals and skills, but also in grasping its unique thinking models, which need to be experienced and verified in one' s clinical application of them time and again. Being an integration of TCM theories with its clinical practice, the TCM clinical fundamentals subject consists of theknowledge of Treatise on Shanghan (Exogenous Febrile Diseases), Treatise on Jingui (Synopsis ofthe Prescriptions ofthe Golden Chamber) and Doctrine of Wenbing (Epidemic Febrile Diseases).
Table of Contents
Part One Formulas and Syndromes of Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases
Chapter One Substance。f Differentiation of Syndromes According to six Charmels in Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases
Chapter Two Two Methods of the Research on the Relationshipbetween Formulas and Syndromes
Chapter Three Transmission Relationship 0f the Six Channel syndrome
Chapter Four Classification of Syndromes According to the Formulas
1.The Law OfAdministration ofDrugs and Formulas in TreatiseonExogenousFebrileDiseases
2.C1assincatiOn of the Formulas Recorded in Treatise Off Exogenous Febrile Diseases
Chapter Five Analysis of Major Formula‘Syndromes of Treatise 0n Exogenous Febrile Diseases
1.Syndrome ofEphedra Decoction(麻黄汤证,ma huang tang zheng)
2 Syndrome ofCassia Twig Decoction(桂枝汤证,gui zhi tang zheng)
3 Syndrome ofPueraria Decoction(葛根汤证,ge gen tang zheng)
7.Syndrome ofPoria Powder with Five Herbs(五苓散证,wu ling san zheng)
8.Syndrome of Tuckahoe,Cassia Twig,Largehead Atractylodes and Licorice Decoction(苓桂术甘汤证.1ing gui zhu gan tang zheng)
9.Syndrome ofUmbellate Fungus Decoction(猪苓汤证.zhu ling tang zheng)
10.Syndrome ofPrepared Soybean Decoction(栀子豉汤证,zhi zi chi tang zheng)
11.Syndrome ofwhite Tiger Decoction(白虎汤证.bai hu tang zheng)
12.Syndrome of Chinese Pulsatilla Decoction(白头翁汤证,baitouwengtangzheng)
13.Syndrome&Major Purgative Decoction(大承气汤证.da cheng qi tang zheng)
14.Syndrome ofOriental Wormwood Decoction (菌陈蒿汤证.yin chenhaotangzheng)
15.Syndrome of Minor Bupeurum Decoction(小柴胡汤证,xiao chai hu tang zhengl
16.Syndrome ofMinor Chest.Congestion Decoction(小陷胸汤证xiaoxianxiongtangzheng)
17.Syndrome of Pinellia Heart.Purging Decoction(半夏泻心汤证,banxiaxiexintangzheng、
18.Syndrome ofCold Limbs Powder(四逆散证,si ni san zheng)
19.Syndrome of Middle—Regulating Decoction(理中汤证.b zhong tang zheng).
20.Syndrome ofEvodia Decoction(吴茱萸汤证、Ⅳu zhu yu tang zhengl
21.Syndrome ofCold Limbs Decoction(四逆汤证,si ni tang zheng)
22.Syndrome ofDivine B1ack Bird Decoction(真武汤证,zhen wu tang zhen)
23.Syndrome ofChinese Angelica Cold Limbs Decoction(当归四逆汤证.danggui sinitangzheng)
24.Syndrome ofRoasted Licorice Decoction(炙甘草汤证.zhi gan cao tang zheng)
25.Syndrome of Coptis and Ass.Hide Glue Decoction(黄连阿胶汤证.huanglian ejiaotang zheng)
26.Syndrome ofSmoked Plum Pill(乌梅丸证,wu mei wan zheng)
Chapter Six Differentiation of Syndromes According to Six Channels
1.Differentiation ofSyndromes ofTaiyang
2.Differentiation of Syndrome of Yangming
3.Differentiation ofSyndrome of Shaoyang
4.Differentiation ofSyndrome ofTaiyin
5.Differentiation ofSyndrome of Shaoyin
6.Differentiation ofSyndrome of Jueyin
Part Two Formulas and Syndromes of the Synopsis Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber
Part Three Formulas and Syndromes of Doctrine of Epidemic Febrile Diseases
Quick Understanding of Clinical Fundamentals of TCM