Charming Xinjiang: Modern Xinjiang

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Charming Xinjiang: Modern Xinjiang (English Version) presents the outstanding achievements in many aspects since the reform and opening up under the leading of the Party Central Committee, and the common efforts of different peoples in Xinjiang, also shows the happy life in new era, describing a fresh Xinjiang full of vigor and life.
Table of Contents
Transportation, PLentiful Money and Treasures 
Desolate Roads ofthe Old Days 
Three—dimensional Traffic 
Ride a Donkey to Beijing 
"Xinjiang Speed" in the Traffic Construction 
Urbanization and Modernization 
The Star—studded Cities and Towns 
Comfortable Living Environment 
Prosperous Modem Cities 
Distinctive Small Towns 
Only if Agriculture is Stable, Then Only will the Country may be Settled 
The Millionaire of Planting Grains 
Cotton ofthe World Record 
Sweet Melons and Fruits 
Pearls ofthe Grasslands 
Seafood ofFar Away From the Sea 
Different Scenery in the Greenhouse 
The Name Cards ofFragrance 
Beautiful New Countryside 
The Migrant Birds ofthe Silver Kingdom 
Industrialization ofAgriculture 
Industry and Prosperity 
The Oil Glowing Golden Light 
Call the Underground Treasures 
Land of Splendors at the Foot of Mt.Tianshan 
The Windmill Forest in Gobi 
Factories in the Garden 
Big Love from West to East 
The Striding Industry in Xinjiang 
Comprehensive Development in Social Undertakings 
People's Cultural Feast 
The Spring ofthe Culturallndustry 
Making Films and Watching Films 
The Flourishing Sports Industry in Xinjiang 
Xinjiang's Booming Tourism Industry 
Xinjiang Food 
Xinjiang People's Livelihood 
More Job Opportunities 
Bilingual Education at Early Age 
Xinjiang Healthcare 
Care for the Elderly 
The Warm Home 
Yakexi of Xinjiang 
This is Xinjiang 
The Borderless Love 
The Supporting Affection Stretching Thousands of Miles 
The Source of Vitality
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Charming Xinjiang: Modern Xinjiang