The Art of Tea in China

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In recent years, Chinese tea culture has been gaining unprecedented momentum. The number of teahouses and the new-style "tea-art houses" keeps growing, and tea culture research institutes are being established across China. Among them, we must particularly mention the China National Tea Museum, located by the West Lake of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, home to the famous Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea. Since it was opened in 1991, the museum has been dedicating itself to promoting Chinese tea culture by means of exhibitions and research works that attempt to delve into the deeper structure of the art.
Table of Contents
Old Art of Tea
Famous Chinese Teas
 Tea Cultivation
 Tea Picking
 Tea Varieties
The Art of Brewing Tea
 How to Brew Tea in a Scientific Way
 Brewing Green Tea
 Brewing Oolong Tea
 Brewing Red Tea
Tea Wares Through the Ages
 Tea Wares with Multiple Functions
 Tang Tea Wares
 Song and Yuan Tea Wares
 Ming Tea Wares
 Qing Tea Wares
 Modem Tea Wares
Tea Etiquette and
Ethnic Minorities' Tea Customs
 Tea-Related Wedding Customs
 Ethnic Minorities' Tea Customs
Chinese Teahouses
The Spread of Tea around the World
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The Art of Tea in China