Charming Xinjiang: Abundant Xinjiang

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Table of Contents
Xinjiang is extremely vast with miraculous expanse 
1/6 of China's totalland area 
With a land borderline of 5,600 km 
Proud ofbeing "Asia Center" 
The farthest city from the ocean 
Counting the "—est"s in Xinjiang 
Xinjiang is so beautiful—the beauty will amaze you holding breath 
The uniqueness of "three mountains embracing two basins" 
The loftiness ofhigh mountains and steep hills 
The majesty of glaciers and snow mountains 
The tenderness of oasis pasture 
The beauty oflakes and rivers 
The breathtaking landscape of the deserts and Gobis 
Seasons of Xinjiang: full of romance 
Four seasons 
Temperature in all seasons 
Dry and arid climate 
Relatively large temperature difference 
Sufficient sunlight 
Frequent gale 
Water, land, sunshine and heat of Xinjiang: alI precious treasures 
Water resource 
Land resource 
Solar energy 
Wind resource 
Xinjiang: the kingdom of creatures 
Wild plants 
Medicinal plants 
Wild animals 
Forest resources 
Xinjiang: the treasure of minerals 
Resource characteristics 
Metal minerals 
Nonmetallic minerals 
Abundance in Xinjiang: rich coal, oil and gas 
Oil and gas 
West—East Natural Gas Transmission 
Song of Karamay 
Affluence in Xinjiang: so many beautiful things ) 191 
Grain crops 
Cash crops 
Livestock products 
Major cotton production region
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Charming Xinjiang: Abundant Xinjiang