Chinese Auspicious Pictures

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The cover design is from a Suzhou embroidery screen of the Qing Dynasty used specially for birthday celebrations. The screen contains a number of traditional Chinese auspicious symbols: The Chinese words for the deer on which the God of Longevity is riding and the bat on the right are homophones for "official position" and "happiness." The Taiji ("great ultimate") symbol on the scroll held by the God is a talisman for warding off disasters and evil spirits, and this symbol, resembling two fish frolicking in water, also stands for annual abundance, as fish and "surplus" are homophones. The pine tree, bamboo and plum blossoms, called the "the three winter companions" by the ancients, convey connotations of being perpetually young and full of vitality. The peaches, glossy ganoderma and gourd carded by the boys as well as decorative patterns of ruyi and shoucharacter at the bottom of the picture alt symbolize longevity, happiness, position and contentment. Replete with these symbols, the whole picture is overflowing with a festive atmosphere, perfect for a birthday celebration.

The screen contains a ni per of traditional hinese,asdecon ipattemsofruyial dshou-character attle bittom, of tfiicture.all symbolize I ngevity,happiness positionand cei ntment. Replete wimr-thesesymbols: thll whole picture, overflowing with ifestl W-atmosphere, perfeifor a bithday celebration.

Table of Contents
Chinese Auspicious Pictures
 Auspicious Sheep
 Kylin on a Chopsticks Container
 Bronze Dragon
 "Pine and Crane" by Ren Bonian
 The Two He Immortals in Embroidery
 Pipa (Chinese fiddle)-Shaped Vase with Two Handles in the Form of a Ruyi
 Bronze Deer Standing in the Front of the Leshou Hall in the Summer Palace
 Window Lattice Carving of "Fish Going Through Lotus"
 Picture of a Deer with Its Head Turned on a Broken Porcelain Piece
 Stone Railing with a Carving of "Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate"
 Scene of Joy
 The Four Babies of Happiness
 Carvings of Dragon and Phoenix on the Stone Railings Of an Ancestral Memorial Hall
 Ancient Broken Porcelain Pieces with the Theme of "Dongfang Shuo Stealing Peaches"
 Jade Carvings of the Eight Immortals
 Blue-White Porcelain Vase with Peaches and Bats
 Wood Carving of "A Mouse Eating a Grape"
 Clay Figurine of a Boy Offering Congratulations on an Elder's Birthday
 Peony Flower and Light-Vented Bulbul
 Child-Bestowing Kylin
 Bronze Mirror with Dragon Design
 Screen Wall with Design of Tortoise Shell Cracks
 Wooden Door Lintel Carved with Dragon, Phoenix and Peony Pattern
 Stone Carvings of the Gods of Happiness, Wealth and Rank, and Longevity
 "Deer and Crane, Symbols offspring," Carved on a Wall
 Deer and Crane, Symbols of Spring
 Jade Carving of a Scene of Peace
 Enamelware Elephant Carrying a Precious Bottle
 Jade Ruyi
 Everything Going Well
 Piece of Qing Dynasty Folk Brocade with an Auspicious Pattern
 Auspicious Porcelain Bowl
 Auspicious Box
 A New Sun
 Amulet of "Five Planets Appearing in the East, Boding Well for the Middle Kingdom"
 Qing Dynasty Eight-Symbol Ceramics
 The Eight-Symbol Vase
High Rank and Salary
Dragon and Phoenix
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