Daqing Spirit

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Table of Contents
Birthplace of the Daqing Spirit
Heilongjiang: A Land of Plenty
Daqing: A City of Heroes
Opportunities for the Daqing Spirit: Time, Place, and Conditions
External Environment-Harsh International Situation
Internal Factors-Critical Challenges at Home
Practical Foundation-Oil Campaign
Spiritual Pillar-The Spirit of the Chinese Nation
Patriotism: Winning Honors for the Nation
The Threat of "Oil Poverty in China
Strategic Policy: Ushering in the Oil Campaign
Shortage of Oil: A Critical Problem in China
Setting-out Ceremony of Ten Thousand People
Shaking Off the Label of Oil Poverty
Being Hardworking and Enterprising: Independence and Self-reliance
Development of Big Oilfield on Our Own
When Conditions Are Available, Go Ahead; If Not Available, Create Them and Go Ahead
The Fight Against the Famine
Collection of the Timber in Deep Mountains
Six Valuable Assets of Daqing Oil Campaign
New Narratives in Overseas Expansion
Spirit of Innovation for a New Journey
A Scientific and Down-to-Earth Approach: Three Values and Four Musts
Three Values and Four Musts
Independent Construction of the Oilfield
20 Documents and 72 Data Points
Quality Over Quantity
The Work Done That Withstands the Test of Time
A Challenge in Limitations of Technology
Self-discipline with Four the Sames
From Worker to Inventor
Selflessness and Dedication: Keeping the Country's Overall Interest in Mind
Sacrificing Family for the Country
Shedding Tears for Oil
Selfless Dedication of the Oilmen
An Ox of a Cobbler
Dedication to the Oilfield
Daqing Spirit: Its Contemporary Value
A Resource for Stronger Cultural Confidence
A Historic Basis of the CPC's Governance
A Source for Building a Cultural Home Shared by People
Daqing Spirit