Animal Symbolism of the Chinese Zodiac (English)

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The signs of the Chinese zodiac are designated by well-known animals rather than constellations, and the twelve animals reflect various characteristics of human behavior. Evolving out of hundreds of years of observation, these twelve animals can be used to designate years, months and days, as well as to predict the life circumstances of persons born in the year of each animal’s designation. Over the centuries stories and folk customs about these animals have been handed down from generation to generation, and have become an inseparable part of traditional Chinese culture. This book not only explains the relationship between the animals and their influence on people’s fates, it also describes the folk customs and ancient stories about each of the twelve animals. And it will answer many questions such as why the tiny mouse is the first sign, and why children wear tiger-shaped shoes. Readers of this book will acquire rich and varied knowledge about this special part of Chinese culture.
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Animal Symbolism of the Chinese Zodiac (English)