Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Table of Contents
Main contents ofDiagnostics of Chinese Medicine
The origin and development of Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine
Essential principles in the diagnosis of Chinese medicine
Basic methods in the diagnosis of Chinese medicine
Methods&requirements in learning Diagnostics of Chinese Mercine

Part A Diagnostic Methods
Chapter 1 Inspection
Section 1 Overall Inspection of the Body
Inspection of the spirit
Inspection of the color and luster
Inspection of the body build
Inspection of the body posture/movement
Section 2 Inspection of Local Body Parts
Inspection of the head and face
Inspection of the five sense organs
Inspection of the neck and nape
Inspection of the chest and rib area
Inspection of the abdomen
Inspection of the back and low back(waist)
Inspection of the four limbs
Inspection of external genitalia.urethra and anus
Inspection of the skin
Inspection of index fingers in small children
Section 3 Tongue Diagnosis
Structure of the tongue and manifestations of tongue body and coating
Principles of tongue diagnosis
Method and cautions of tongue diagnosis
Normal tongue and physiological variations
Comems of tongue diagnosis
Key points in tongue diagnosis
Clinical significances of the tongue diagnosis
Diagnosis of critical tongue manifestations
Section 4 Inspection of the Excreta
Inspection of the sputum,thin saliva,snivel and thick saliva
Inspection of the vomitus
Inspection of the feces & urine

Chapter 2 AuscuItation and Olfaction
Section 1 Listening to Voice/Sound
Normal voice/sound
Abnormal voices/sounds
Section 2 Smelling to odor
Odors related to patients' body and excreta
0dors related to the ward
Chapter 3 Inquiry
Section 1 Significance and Methods of Inquiry
Significance of inquiry
Methods of inquiry
Cautionary notes in inquiry
Section 2 Contents of Inquiry
General information
Chief complaints
History of the present illness
Past medical history
Personal life history
Family history
Section 3 Inquiry of Present Symptoms
Inquiry ofchills/fever
Inquiry of perspiration
Inquiry of pain
Inquiry of discomfort in the head,body,chest and abdomen
Inquiry of diet and taste
Inquiry of sleep
Inquiry of bladder and bowel movemems
Chapter 4 Pulse Feeling and Palpation

Part B Syndrome Differentiation
Chapter 5 Syndrome Differentiation of the Eight Principles
Chapter 6 Syndrome Differentiation of the Etiological Factors
Chapter 7 Syndrome Differentiation of the Disease Nature
Chapter 8 Syndrome Differentiation of the Disease Location

Part C Comprehensive Application of Diagnosis and Medical Record
Chapter 9 Comprehensive Application of Diagnosis
Chapter 10 Medical Record Writing and lts Requirements

Appendix:Special Diagnostic Methods
Chapter 11Selected Introductions of Special and Differential Diagnosis Diagnostic Methods
Chapter 12 Differential Diagnosis for Common Symptoms
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Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine