KINDERZOO Pre-schoolers TV Series (13 Episodes + 31 Music Videos, in Chinese and English billigual)

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Music Videos

Scripts & Documents

  • Language: Chinese, English, Pinyin
  • Format: MP4 videos
  • Publisher: Kinderzoo Media
13 Episodes (12-minutes for each) + 31 Music Videos + Scripts (in Chinese, Pinyin and English)

Soundtracks: Mandarin Chinese. English
Subtitles: None, English, Simplified Chinese, Simplified Chinese with Pinyin.
Video Format: MP4

Kinderzoo is an inspirational TV series of 12-minute television programs, designed to stimulate and educate pre-school children in a highly entertaining manner. Set in a fictitious 'open' wildlife reserve (the Kinderzoo), the theme of conservation through education is promoted by using wild animals as they key leads in each episode a show about animals presented by animals. Filmed on location at the world-renowned Singapore Zoological Gardens and tested on pre-schoolers in both Australia and Singapore by way of well respected and well-qualified educators, Kinderzoo consists of a series of simple educational themes designed to trigger the imagination and participation of the child. Up to 6 key animals appear throughout the show with their own individual and original songs, produced specifically for the series. These tunes are simple, quirky and cute with information about the animal being emphasized in the lyrics.
As of the year 2018, this series has been seen by 20 million young children worldwide, and it has been widely used by educational institutes, school libraries, and educational platforms.

Now you can DOWNLOAD and OWN this learning TV series so your children can watch it over and over again on any device (does not need to be connected to the internet once you download and keep the videos).

You can easily switch between English/Mandarin soundtrack, simply by playing the videos. We also provide English, simplified Chinese, and simplified Chinese & Pinyin subtitles.

Q: How long will I get the download link?
A: Once you purchase success, you could download at once. Please go to "My Account" area, you will see “Order Details”, then you can get the download link there.

Q: What is the format of your files?
A: The videos are in MP4 format. The scripts are in PDF format.

Q: Can I play the videos on my iPhone, Andriod devices?
A: Yes. You can play the videos on your Windows, Mac, iPhone and Andriod devices.

Q: I'm a teacher, can I play the videos in my classroom?
A: These videos may be played for students on the premise of an educational institution under the following conditions:
- the copy of the movie is legally obtained; and
- the audience for whom the material is played is made up of primarily students.

Q: I can't change the audio or subtitle language. What can I do?
A: This issue is more related to the video player you are using. We recommend using VLC (, which is free and runs on all platforms - Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android. 

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English subtitle:

Video Script:
Table of Contents
Episode 1: Slow & Fast
Come to the KINDERZOO where you will meet some of the slowest and the fastest animals.
第2集- 大与小
Episode 2: Big & Small
Some animals in KINDERZOO are really big, and some animals are really small.

第3集- 濒临灭绝
Episode 3: Endangered
These animals at the KINDERZOO are highly endangered species, and if we don't do anything to save them, they may not be with us much longer.
Episode 4: On Safari in Africa
Come on safari to Africa with us.
Episode 5: Primates
Some primates live on trees and some live on land and trees.
Episode 6: Scales, fur and hair
KINDERZOO's animals have a variety of coverings: fur, hair, and even scales.
Episode 7: Families
Here are animals that are happy to be part of the KINDERZOO family.
第8集 - 喧闹与安静
Episode 8: Loud & Quiet
There are many noisy animals at the KINDERZOO and there are also many that are quiet.
第9集 -手,脚趾和尾巴
Episode 9: Hands, Toes & Tails 
At the KINDERZOO, the hands, toes and tails can be very important to animals.
第10集 -食肉动物
Episode 10: Meat Eaters
Some Animals at the KINDERZOO only eat meat.
第11集 -食草动物
Episode 11: Grass Eaters (Herbivores)
These animals at the KINDERZOO only like to eat grass.
Episode 12: Rainforests
Here are some animals that like to live in the rainforest.
第13集 -光滑与粗糙
Episode: Smooth and Rough
Some animals in KINDERZOO have rough skin, and some animals have the same smooth skin as you and me.
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KINDERZOO Pre-schoolers TV Series (13 Episodes + 31 Music Videos, in Chinese and English billigual)