Xitang - An Elegant Town

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Xitang is a typical water town in the South.Early in the morning,the town is covered in a light mist like fairy's long skirt coming down from heaven that's moving in the wind more tenderly than yarn.The smoke from kitchen chimneys of local families curves upwards and disperses and disappears in the sun and in the tresses.The silence of the dawn is broken by people's voices.Doors are opened. Someone walks along the narrow lane,makes a turn anddisappears.Some girls dance to the riverside with buckets to wash,laughter flying over the water.As dusk draws near,rosy clouds are mirrored in every river,turning the shining water into a palette to make diversified and gorgeous colors.Wood boats that look old are often seen flying freely over the water with easygoing fishermen smoking on the fore and the cormorants walking up and down on the aft.
Table of Contents
Special Report
 The Sketch of Xitang Town
 The Story of Xitang Town
 Folk Customs to Contiune in Xitang Town
 In Search of the Dying Field Songs
 The Essence of Culture
 Xitang:The Bright Pearl of River Town
 Ancient Residence Buildings in Setting Sunshine
 The Protection and Planning for the Ancient Town of Xitang
 Family Life in Xitang
 Xitang Town,A Bridge between Tradition and Modern Life
 The Last Villages: Living Cultural Heritage on the Verge of Disappearance
 Xitang Revisited
 The Protection of Famous Cities in China
 Protection of Historical Relics,Lesson from Xiang Yu's Burning and Destroying of the Ancient Capital City of Xianyang
 The view of the town
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Xitang - An Elegant Town