Window on Guangxi

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Language: English
Page: 133
Publication Date: 11/2012
ISBN: 9787119080420
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Guangxi is place of picture squenatural beauty at anytime of year.This and of long history has nurtured thriving ethnic cultures Economic development means its people live a pleasant and comfortable life,and social progress has brought sotidarity and harmony to art ethnic groups on this land.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Advantages of Geography and Climate
Easy Accessibility
Unique Landform
Classic Subtropical Climate
Chapter 2 The Largest Number of Ethnic Minorities of Any Autonomous Region
Administrative Divisions and Population
Regional Autonomy of Ethnic Groups
Ethnic Solidarity and Harmony
Freedom of Religious Belief
Chapter 3 A Land of Plenty in Southern China
Abundant Water Resources
Mineral Resources
Marine Resources
Animal and Hant Resources
Local Products
Chapter 4 Scenic Beauty
Subtropical Beaches
Southern Border Feel
Historic Sites
Chapter 5 Deep-Seated Ethnic Culture
Life Style and Customs
Festival Activities
Colorful and Diverse Costume
Food CuLture
Ancient Heritage of Ethnic Architecture
Chapter 6 Fast-Growing Economy with Huge Potential
Rapid DeveLopment of the National Economy
Constant Upgrading of Economic Structure
Solid Base of Agricultural Industry
Accelerating a Local Economy Based on SpeciaLization
Progress in Infrastructure Construction
Exhibition-Based Economic Activity Building Momentum
Chapter 7 Vigorous Development of Social Undertakings
Breakthroughs in Scientific Innovation
Expansion of All Types and Levels of Education
Steady Progress in Cultural Strengths
Sports Activities Thriving
Accelerating the Development of Medical Care and the Health Service System
Improving the Social Security System
Chapter 8 A Scene of Bustling Activity in Beibu Gulf
A New Spur to Economic Development
Southwest China's Most Convenient Sea Access
Frontline for Enhancing Cooperation between China and ASEAN
A New Hot Spot for Industrial Development
A New Hub of Regional Logistics
Chapter 9 Sharp Focus on the "Golden Waterway"
Inland Water Transport Artery
Project Goals
Five Major Projects
New Engine Powering Guangxi's Development
Chapter 10 Prospect of New Guangxi
Competitive Economy
Ethnic Cultural Influence
Social Harmony and Stability
Conservation Culture
Ethnic Solidarity
Appendix Ⅰ
Prefecture-Level Cities in Guangxi
Appendix Ⅱ Useful Websites
Appendix Ⅲ Major Hotels
Appendix Ⅳ Major Travel Agencies
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Window on Guangxi