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Imprints of History - The Last Face Tattooed Women
ISBN: 9787503228674 | Published on 07/2006
With illustrated pictures this book introduces Tattooed Women in Yunnan Province, and the culture of The Dulong People....

Traveler's Guide to Dalian
ISBN: 9787503231209 | Published on 04/2007
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My Husband Puyi: The Last Emperor of China
ISBN: 9787503234835 | Published on 06/2008 | Reviews:
in 1932 the Japanese secretly sent him to northeast china to be the puppet emperor of the Manchukuo set up by Japanese imperialists with the final...

The Sights of China
ISBN: 9787503223969 | Published on 09/2004
Among the world's four most famous ancient civilizations, Chinese civilization is the only one in the world that has been developing for more...
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Beautiful Sichuan
ISBN: 9787503222894 | Published on 04/2004
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Beijing Hutong
ISBN: 9787503235306 | Published on 08/2008
With a long history and rich connotation, Chinese geographical names culture is crowned as national treasure.Ancient geographical names feature the...

Chinese Farmer Painting
ISBN: 9787505203088 | Published on 01/1996
Chinese country paintings are not only a kind of traditional drawing, but also a new category of art which is gradully maturing. With their natural...
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The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics 2006
ISBN: 7503230266 | Published on 12/2006 | Series: The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics
The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics for 2006 is a yearly review with information on the overall development of the tourism industry in the...

Xitang - An Elegant Town
ISBN: 9787503229121 | Published on 06/2006
Xitang is a typical water town in the South.Early in the morning,the town is covered in a light mist like fairy's long skirt coming down from heaven...

The Great Wall
ISBN: 9787800696732 | Published on 07/2001 | Reviews:
The Great Wall is a symbol of the dauntlessly indomitable spirit of the Chinese nation and a crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese people in...