Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: ZHOU ZHUANG

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Zhouzhuang embraces the beauties of all the water towns in China – old bridges, traditional buildings and small streets on the banks of waterways. Its Shuangqiao Bridges (Twin Bridges) became famous worldwide because of the painting Memory of Hometown by well-known painter Chen Yifei (1946-2005) and its display in a New York gallery in 1984. Another bridge in the town, Fu’an Bridge (Wealth and Peace Bridge), is the only existing structure in southeastern China that perfectly combines a single-arch bridge with a bridge tower. The town has many old buildings built in Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911). The best examples are Zhang Mansion, which could have “sedan-chairs entering from the front door and boats passing through the mansion,” and Shen Mansion, which consists of seven sections and five gateways. Other scenes of interest include the mystery of underwater tombs at Silver Creek, the bell in Complete Fortune Temple, and fishermen returning home under the light of Clear Empty Taoist Temple. It would also be a wonderful experience to taste the delicious food of family banquet of Shen Mansion, listen to Kunqu Opera singing at the Old Theater, sip a cup of Grandma Tea in a riverside pavilion, visit folk arts shops on the Market Street, or take a river cruise to view the beautiful night scenes of the town and the river.
Table of Contents
Ancient Water Town
Twin Bridges
Fu'an Bridge with Towers
Shen Mansion
Shen Wansan and the Emperor
Zhang Mansion
Ye Mansion and Milou Tower
Household I nns
South Lake
Folk Customs
Handicrafts and Delicious Food
Scenic Spots
LocaI Delicacies
How to Get There
Ticket Price
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Sample pages of Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: ZHOU ZHUANG (ISBN:9787119061696)
Sample pages of Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: ZHOU ZHUANG (ISBN:9787119061696)
Festival,he returned home to see that gambling was widespread,and some had gambled away their family fortune.Still some had become thieves or opium takers.Ye therefore organized a group of youths to set up a Society of Civi-lized Festival to tell people the evilnessof gamble,superstition and opium.Their efforts helped change the local social atmosphere. In early years,Ye Chucang joined theSouth Society and Chinese United League,following Dr.Sun Yatsen in the revolution.After the Revolution of 19l1,he ioined the army to become a chief of staff.After Nanjing was recovered,he left the army and startedto run a newspaper in Shanghai to-gether with Yu Youren and Shao Lizi tO propagate revolution.Later he becamethe head of the department of public-itv 0f Kuomintang and the vice presi-dent of the Legislative Yuan. Ye Mansion has four sections.A hori-zontal board inscribed with the char-acters“Ye Chucang 0ld Residence”is hung above the beam in the gate hall.Passing through the courtyard paved with granite stone slabs,you come to the tea hall.Displayed in the tea hall are Ye’S photos,calligraphic works and manuscripts.Behind the tea hall iS the main hall,Zuyintang(Hall of Ancestral Virtue),with carved beams,painted pillars,and splendid decorations.In the chamber tower in the fourth section.
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Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: ZHOU ZHUANG