Confucian Temples South of the Tangtze

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Author: Zhang Yaxiang;
Language: English
Page: 278
Publication Date: 06/2010
ISBN: 7313063709, 9787313063700
About Author
张亚祥,Born in 1965, Mr. ZHANG Ya xiang graduated from Shandong Institute of Architecture and Engineering in1988 and got a bachelor's degree in interior design. After graduation, he was engaged in architectural design at Dong ying Institute of Architectural Design. In 1998, he graduated from the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tong ji University, and got a master's degree in architectural history and theory. Now, he is the manager of Shandong Fidelity Construction Planning and Design Company, and a registered architect at the national level.
Table of Contents
Chapter I : Historical Origins /1
South of the Yangtze/3
Sage Confucius/4
Confucius Temple in Qufu/6
Confucian Temples of South Sect/15
Capital Confucian Temples/18
Local Confucian Temples/27
College Confucian Temples/41
Confucian Temples South of the Yangtze/44

Chapter II : Shape and Structure of Buildings /53
Shape and Structure of Confucian Temples/55
Shape and Structure of Study Palace/66
Layout of Temple School/71
Symbolic Buildings/78
Geomantic Buildings/94

Chapter III: Decline and Renaissance/107
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom/109
Abolition of Imperial Examination/112
Successive Years of War/115
Reconstruction of Old City/117
Renaissance of Confucianism/119

Chapter IV: Existing Selected Quintessence /129
Confucian Temple in Suzhou/131
Chaotian Palace in Nanjing/148
Confucian Temple in Cicheng County/157
Fuzi(Confucian) Temple in Nanjing/173
Confucian Temple in Jiading/188
Confucian Temple in Shanghai/201
Confucian Temple in Jiangyin/210
Confucian Temple in Chongrrting/218
Confucian Temple in Chongde/226
Confucian Temple in Wujiang/230
Other Remains/233

Chapter V: Ceremony of Offering Sacrifices to Confucius/239
Historical Origins/241
Sacrificial Utensils and Music Instruments/251
Music and Dance/258
Sacrificial Writing and Carol/265
Ritual for Sacrifices/268
Offering Sacrifices to Confucius in Modem Times/271
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Confucian Temples South of the Tangtze