Contemporary Chinese 1 Multimedia Software (2 CD-Roms)

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This CD-ROM set is the companion to the Contemporary Chinese textbooks. The CD-ROM  is designed to develop the student's ability to communicate in the Chinese language in both verbal and written forms. Each CD-ROM includes text, vocabulary, sentence patterns, grammar, phonetics, and cultural notes. Relevant information about each Chinese character is given, including definitions, pronunciation, word usage, and stroke order. Various kinds of exercises are also included to practice reading and writing of each character. The exercises are comprehensive and vary in form, covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Interactive videos accompany each lesson. These videos are provided to offer a visual learning experience, which allows students to learn outside the written text.

Basic Confuguration of the software and hardware:
CPU: higher than Pentium II 550
HD space: 500MB
System Memory 64 MB
CD-Rom: 8X
all duplexing sound card mocrophone speaker
windows98 and / or above OS in various language versions

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Contemporary Chinese 1 Multimedia Software (2 CD-Roms)