Contemporary Chinese (Revised Edition) - Textbook 1

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Contemporary Chinese, a complete adult-level textbook series, is tailored to beginners of the Chinese language and is aimed at developing the abilities of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing of the language. This series has been widely used at home and abroad since its initial publication. Based on teachers’ impressions of, and suggestions for, the book over the past decade, the following changes have been made to the revised edition: restructured content and teaching procedures for a greater ease of use for both students and teachers; updated and relevant topics; increased exercises and class activities; two new books: including Supplementary Testing Materials and Supporting Reading Materials. The revised edition embodies a new process-oriented, task-based and interactive teaching method.
Table of Contents
Unit 0 
Unit 1 你好 
1.1 你叫什么名字? 
1.2 您贵姓? 
1.3 Language Points 
Unit 2 很高兴认识您! 
2.1 我在进出口公司工作 
2.2 东方学院很大,也很漂亮 
2.3 Language Points 
Unit 3 你家有几口人? 
3.1 孩子很可爱 
3.2 你们学校有多少 学生? 
3.3 Language Points 
Unit 4 我想去中国 
4.1 你要中文的还是英文的? 
4.2 这本词典非常有用 
4.3 Language Points 
Unit 5 能不能便宜点儿? 
5.1 这件白衬衫多少钱? 
5.2 最好吃的菜是什么? 
5.3 Language Points 
Unit 6 明天打算干什么? 
Unit 7 你什么时候回来? 
Unit 8 附近有没有银行? 
English Translation of the Texts 
Supplementary Text 
Two Chinese Folk Songs 
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Contemporary Chinese (Revised Edition) - Textbook 1