Contemporary Chinese (Revised Edition) - Character Book 1

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1. This edition retains many features from the first edition, including: a concise structure with practical language; a focus on conversation, phonetics and characters at the elementary level; an emphasis on well-structured grammar and the unique features of Chinese characters; a vocabulary based teaching method;2. In Volume 1 of this edition, ”lesson” is changed into ”unit”, with each unit including three lessons; this allows a clearer structure and more concise texts. 3. Scaffolding instruction and exercises were added to keep in line with the actual teaching process; while individual activities and supplementary materials are added to fully embody our process-oriented, task-based and interactive teaching concept. 4. We have corrected some mistakes of the first edition and updated some of the texts and cultural notes.
Table of Contents
Fundamental strokes 
Rules of stroke order 
Names of some common radicals 
Unit 0 
Unit 1 你好! 
Unit 2 很高兴认识您! 
Unit 3 你家有几口人? 
Unit 4 我想去中国 
Unit 5 能不能便宜点儿? 
Unit 6 明天打算干什么? 
Unit 7 你什么时候回来? 
Unit 8 附近有没有银行? 
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Contemporary Chinese (Revised Edition) - Character Book 1